When adding a new vendor please remember to open a ticket so they are added to EPS for Compliance purposes. Vendors must be added to DSSI and our accounting software, to request a vendor be added to our accounting software please send an email to ap@bethlen.com with the vendor's name, address, phone number, terms, and any other information you have, sending a copy of the invoice or other document is recommended.

You will need to connect to the DSSI sFTP, this will only need to be completed once.

Open File Explorer > Click on my Computer or This PC > on the computer tab click Add a network location > follow the wizard


It will prompt you for a password the first time you login: adm88Ccm

Making Changes

Use the attached Template to Add, Update, or Remove Vendors. To add or Update complete the form and mark the Vendor as active, to Remove type in the Vendor Code and mark as Inactive on the last column. you can add as many changes as you would like to one upload, just ensure each vendor is on a separate line. 

Once your file is saved open your FTP Connection Under This PC

Navigate to Out > Capture and Drop file there, it will take up to 24 hours for the file to be retrieved by DSSI