Corporate Office

Conference “Rooms”

The Corporate Office has two phone Conference Rooms




Joining a Room

  • Dial an extension from your phone to join that room

Add from Your Phone

  • Join the room you plan to use
  • Press the soft key Conf
  • Dial the number of who you want to add
  • Add a 9 before an outside line
  • You can also add other extensions to the conference
  • Once they answer, press Conf again to join the group

Add from Front Desk

  • Contact Front Desk and inform them the time and people who should be in the conference call and which conference “room” you will be in
  • When they call in the front desk will transfer them to the conference room of your choice
  • Join the conference room from your phone

Tips and Tricks

  • You can see how many people are in conference at the top of your phone screen
  • Put your phone into Do Not Disturb prior to the meeting to stop rings to your line
  • Press the right arrow button and choose Do Not Disturb
  • Turn off when done
  • Press the mute button if you’re listening for extended periods of time, this can be found on the lower right side of your phone. Muted lines help keep the calls cleaner and easier for everyone to hear.