First Part: Create a new appointment

1. Please navigate to the Calendar view by clicking Calendar in the Navigation Pane, and then create a new appointment by clicking New Appointment under Hometab.

2. In the Appointment dialog under Appointment tab. You need to:

A: Type in the SubjectB: Enter the recipients’ email addresses in the Location
C: Configure the Start time and the End timeD: Select the reminder under the Reminder drop-down list.
If you choose 15 minutes, it means it will remind you 15 minutes early when the email is sent.
E: Compose your Appointment body.

Note: The Appointment Subject will become the recurring email subject; and the Appointment body will become the recurring email body when the recipients received the email.

Second Part: Create a new category

Now you need to create a new category named “Send Schedule Recurring Email” as follows:

1. In the Appointment dialog, please click Categorize > All Categories in the Tags group under Appointment tab.

2. When the Color Categories dialog popping up, please click New button. In the Add New Category dialog, type “Send Schedule Recurring Email” in the Namefield; and then choose a color in the Color drop-down list. Then click OK.

3. Then you will see the “Send Schedule Recurring Email” category is listed out, please check the box, and then click OK button.

Third Part: Set the Recurrence

Now, it is time to set the recurrence for the appointment.

1. Click Recurrence in the Options group under Appointment tab. See screenshot:

2. In the Appointment Recurrence dialog, configure your Recurrence pattern. If you need an end time, please configure it under Range of recurrence. And then click OK.

3. When it returns to the Appointment dialog, please click Save & Close button. See screenshot:

Last: Use the VBA code for sending the Schedule Recurring Email

1. Please press Alt + F11 to open the Microsoft Visual Basic for Applications dialog.

2. Double click on Project1 > Microsoft Outlook Object > ThisOutlookSession in the left pane. See screenshot:

3. Copy and paste the following VBA code to the VBA editor. And then click Save button.

PrivateSubApplication_Reminder(ByValItem AsObject)

DimxMailItem AsMailItem


IfItem.Class<> OlObjectClass.olAppointment ThenExitSub

IfItem.Categories <> "Send Schedule Recurring Email"ThenExitSub

SetxMailItem = Outlook.Application.CreateItem(olMailItem)


.To= Item.Location  

.Subject = Item.Subject  

.Body = Item.Body  


EndWithSetxMailItem = Nothing


When the Reminder popping up, the email will be automatically sent to the recipients which you have typed in the Location field in the first part. Then click Dismiss in the Reminder dialog. And the email will be sent recurring every day in this time. See screenshot:

Note: The VBA code was successfully tested in Outlook 2010, 2013 and 2016.